The Farm

It´s always good to return

What you experience here is never the same. We are an open House.

Here children can be children.


A perfect combination

The "Vinho Verde Quinta de Lourosa" is the result of the combination of two varieties: Arinto and Loureiro.


We are not just a wine company

We are the result, both fresh and mature of a combination of science and passion.

The Farm

Quinta de Lourosa´s wine is always unique

It is the result of the involvement of people with passion and wisdom. It is a wine marked by innovation, by trial and error and climate changes. It does not have added chemicals, is a quality product, awarded and recognized.


We have six full bedrooms and 1 apartment

Fresh sheets in the summer and warm blankets in the winter. All to enjoy to the maximum the countryside.


Quinta de Lourosa Vinha do Avô

Limited edition. Celebration of the First continuous vineyard in Quinta da Lourosa, 30 years ago.

Do you still remember the sunset?


We have 27 hectares of quite heterogenous vineyards

Some in less fertile areas, other more wetlands by being closer to the river. The vineyards are scented mint and produce fresher and more aromatic wines.

The Farm

Come and rediscover yourself

We are expecting you.